About me

Milica Marinkovic graduated textile designer – master.

Born 05.06.1988. in Belgrade. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade, Department of Textile Design 2012.

Winner of the third prize at the group international exhibition “Disrepair of Art” within the eco-design and recycling week in Novi Sad, July 2013, for the creation of contemporary tapestry of aluminum packaging “Crossing” (170x210cm).

Already she had chosen her place in art – to promote sustainable design and creative recycling.

2014. Becomes member of ULUPUDS – Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia. ULUPUDUS solo artists since February 2015

She had her first solo exhibition in the Stara kapetanija gallery in Zemun in 2014 called “EKO ŠIK”. This is a metaphor that symbolizes the synthesis of eco textiles and top ethical motifs of our traditional costumes. She designed her own eco textile spun from discarded cans and metal plugs and manually connected them making colorful color combinations. Tapestries and garments that were exposed were made from it. Through her art she sent a call to awaken awareness of recycling. To date, she has created two collections of eco dresses that were perfected and girls carried them on many artistic achievements

  • Fashion show Following the program of the 49th May Fair “Green Line” 2017. UK “Parobrod” in Belgrade.
  • Independent fashion show at the Gallery headquarters in 2016
  • MUSEUM MACURA SERBIA “DADA 2”, Magazine Macura, Zenit 4, Stari Banovci 2016
  • “Jubilej 5god Eko Kuce” in Gallery “Progres” .2017. In Belgrade.
  • “RE / 8 Design Park” 2016 and 2014, in Novi Sad
  • “GREEN SQUARE, EKO SHIK magazine dress” within the International Green Culture Festival 6. “Green Fest” .2015. White City
  • fashion performance titled “EKO ŠIK” as part of the accompanying program of the manifestation and exhibition EKOKULT, Gallery PROGRES, 2015. Belgrade

She expresses her creativity and the aesthetic idea of the author through other artistic activities:

  • Designing and making women’s jewelry and other accessories in traditional way (knitting) and a modern way for artistic and commercial needs
  • Making and decorating clothes, caps and scarves with old textile techniques
  • Hand-painted textiles
  • Preparation for printing on textiles
  • Art workshops for children of different ages for education for drawing, painting, exercising, weaving, knitting, embroidery.
  • Production of home textiles – floor and wall coverings
  • Knitwear